PsychGroup facilitates the identification and placement of Mental and Behavioral Healthcare Services for the Workers’ Compensation, Disability and Government sectors. Through our early intervention and optimal provider matching process, PsychGroup effectively expedites treatment in order to prevent delayed recovery and prolonged disability.  PsychGroup providers generate individualized treatment plans to ensure that the patient receives timely and appropriate care specific to the compensability of the claim.  From initial evaluation through file closure we remain actively involved in each claim by providing clinical oversight while also alleviating the burden of scheduling future appointments.  Established goals with timelines, documented work status and treatment specific to the compensable injury make our providers a viable and valuable resource.

Mission & Vision

To be an effective customer service organization, integrating the procurement of Behavioral Healthcare services into our clients’ claims management program.

Effectively addressing psychosocial and behavioral issues known to affect physical recovery that are not mental disorders: behavioral pain management, fear of re-injury, improved coping with effects of injury, non-compliance, etc. Utilizing Health & Behavior CPT codes (96150 – 96155) that are tied to the physical diagnosis, not a mental disorder diagnosis.

Our Cognitive Behavioral approach focuses on the individuals’ thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.  This technique has demonstrated effectiveness in outcome research for mood disorders, musculoskeletal injuries, chronic pain, and other medical conditions and is STRONGLY supported by evidence based guidelines including ODG and ACOEM.

Technology & Security

PsychGroup utilizes the latest technology and security to make sure your patients data is safe and in compliance with the HIPAA guidelines.

Provider Credentialing PsychGroup partners with SourceOne CVO for all of our provider credentialing verification needs. SourceOne CVO is an NCQA*-certified credentialing verification organization that was founded in 1998. You can visit their website at SourceOne to get more information about their program and services.

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